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Many have asked me why a guy from Indiana would take the time/energy & money to build a Marketplace like this for the Cryptocurrency community, well here is my why.

I love cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology that it was built on for so many reasons and on so many different levels. We, my wife and I, have a few different coins that we hold but at first we were just sitting on them. But that is not the real idea of what this technology movement was about and why we got into them in the first place, they needed to be used in daily transaction to be real.

So, one night my wife and I started to search the web for places that would accept bitcoin, litecoin or any altcoin for that matter and frankly I was sadden to find no really good solutions out there. So, we went to the coins that we held websites to see what they had as far as merchant lists. What we found was many of the actual coin sites had bad information and potentially links to bad sites or the websites were for sale..

Now, I'm not saying there are not useful sites to buy items on the web using altcoins because there are, but nothing REALLY good.

So, I decided to build this Marketplace you are on now because I wanted to provide the cryptocurrency community with a safe place for holders to be able to find businesses, service providers and products that have made the decision to move their business into the future. I also wanted to create a place for those businesses to let the world know who they are what what products and services they can offer to you.

So, that is my why and I hope you find this site to be everything you need and if not, please let me know how I can make it better by filling out the link at bottom of page

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