The Coming of Age of Cryptocurrencies and The Dawn of Mass Adoption Through



The birth of a new technology throughout our history on this planet is never short of acrimony, promoters, and detractors of said technology each trying to drown out the other as to its viability or lack of. One could say among all the technologies that have been predicted in one form or the other through works of fiction and sci-fi movies, none has taken us unawares in its coming to being, as no one really predicted its arrival, as the blockchain technology. It is still just under a decade since the birth of Bitcoin to raise the curtain on this wonderful revolution of a technology but the industry has grown in leaps and bounds and is now worth hundreds of billions of dollars (and it boggles the mind that it is still at its early stages).

Like every new technology, there is a lot of acrimony that is surrounding the rise of cryptocurrencies, the digital assets that are powered by the blockchain technology. With almost every sector of business, from finance, banking, the supply chain and even the smart energy grids in its sights, it is no wonder that cryptocurrencies and the wider blockchain world have very serious detractors and naysayers. But despite the skepticism and scathing criticism of giants ruling certain sectors of business presently, it is internal issues that pose the greatest threat to cryptocurrencies, the biggest of which being the seemingly slow pace of adoption of these digital assets to play a real-world role in the transfer of value

The SpendMyAltcoin Solution

With over a thousand distinct coins and tokens each focusing on certain niches and applications, the crypto world is one that is very challenging to keep up with, which some experts believe is the reason it seems there is a slow pace of adoption. SpendMyAltcoin is a brand-new portal with its sights set on resolving this contentious issue, as it seeks to be the premier hub where businesses currently adopting the use of cryptocurrencies for the exchange of their goods and services can be easily found by the crypto public in a seamless, and hassle-free manner.

We have all heard how we can buy everything from a Pizza to a Lamborghini, or even a flight to space using Bitcoin and a few other altcoins. But how can you pay for a new pair of headlight for your car, or eat at a crypto-accepting plush restaurant with your date, or even pay your child’s tuition fee with Ether you mined in your garage? The fact is that cryptocurrencies are fast becoming a norm in the modern psyche, no matter what the big banking executives might tell you. They are easy to use, secure, fast, cheap, and offer you and I an alternate way of creating our own value, away from the crazy and consistently corrupt reach of the banking industry.

SpendMyAltcoin is set to become the number one marketplace in the world where businesses and potential customers can meet and transact without hassle. Bitcoin in the past few years has been retracting into a “digital gold” status, which is a very wrong notion as its creator Satoshi Nakamoto did not envision it to become just that. The only way the establishments around the world will take cryptocurrencies seriously is if the world uses them instead of hoarding them for short-term gains, and this is the focus of the SpendMyAltcoin marketplace.

All around the world, there are thousands of businesses from the coffee shop around the corner, to five-star hotels that are currently accepting all kinds of cryptocurrencies as a means of exchange. SpendMyAltcoin with its visionary team built the seamless, all-convenience platform where these businesses around the world can simply register their presence, the kinds of services they offer, and where they are located. With a few clicks of a mouse, or through the convenience of a mobile device, a potential customer looking for those services and who wants to put their crypto assets to actual use now has a go-to marketplace to shop and have a lot of fun.

A Dedicated Platform

SpendMyAltcoin has been built from the ground up with the convenience of the user at the core of its considerations. The idea of cryptocurrencies is to create an effortless simplicity in the way we conduct business, and SpendMyAltcoin follows suit with its user-friendly look that makes browsing through the tens of thousands of businesses and services an intuitive and highly enjoyable experience. The site is open to businesses, no matter their geographical location to register and benefit from the countless advantages it offers them. The world of cryptocurrency has gone farther than what the banking industry or some authorities might want you to believe, and like every technology that proved doubters wrong before it, it is the early adopters that reap the most benefits. Even businesses that currently don’t accept cryptocurrencies are welcome to this one-of-a-kind marketplace, as with the multiple advantages currently enjoyed by crypto-accepting sites, these newbies might also be encouraged to take this bold new step in the right direction. Cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology are going nowhere, this brave new world is fast coming of age, and SpendMyAltcoin is here to fast-track this process and make adoption worthwhile for all businesses.

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